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Bio Nutrients India Pvt. Ltd. has established a state of the art Manufacturing facility with in house quality lab at Plot no.10, Sector-B, Mandideep Industrial Area, Dist. Raisen to Manufacture Spray Dried Soya Milk Powder. Consumer attitudes monitor and human dietary protein requirement by the FAO/WHO/UNU has revealed a preference for Soya Protein as a more healthful ingredient in comparison to animal protein in the form of meat and dairy products.

Besides being highly nutritious, researchers have found that the Soyafood has numerous health benefits when consumed. Soyafoods are an excellent source of digestible protein. While rich in vitamins (Vitamin A, E, K and some Vitamin B) and minerals (Potassium, iron, zinc and phosphorous), the soyabean is low in saturated fatty acids, with 60% of the unsaturated fat content consisting of linoleic acid linolenic acid, both known to promote cardiovascular health. The soyabean contains no Cholestrol, Soyafoods are also lactose free, which is of great benefit to the lactose intolerant consumer.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a health claim stating that the consumption of 25 grams of soya protein, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease which is the number one cause of deaths in many developed countries. Research suggests that soyabeans may also improve the conditions of people suffering from renal disease, hypertension, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Among the many forms in which Soya Protein is available for use in foods, Soya Milk Powder has distinct advantage over the others. It is totally soluble and has a better balance of Protein. Soya Milk Powder has all the three major nutrients and in addition, contains many Vitamins and Minerals in significant quantities. Spray drying of Soya milk, under carefully controlled conditions, yields Soya Milk Powder in which protein retains its nutritional and functional properties. In the process, the fat is microencapsulated by the protein, protecting it against oxidation during storage and transportation. Therefore, the powder form creates a much wider spectrum of end usage, catering to the Food Health and Pharmaceutical industries in general and the individual in particular for direct consumption.

The following factors bring out the superiority of Soya Milk Powder:

1. Not subject to seasonal fluctuations in availability in price

2. More economical, especially in formulation.

3. Standard composition that can be tailored to meet requirement.

4. Soluble POLYSACCHARIDES that serve as excellent dietary fiber.

5. Free of Cholesterol.

6. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids.

7. Does not contain Lactose.

8. Less allergenic

9. Higher shelf life and easy in packing and distribution.

10. Active ingredient for Health foods, snacks and Drinks.

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Soya Milk Powder is the vegetable protein ingredient used in fabrication of therapeutic and dietetic foods and some of the primary characters in such foods.

Low Residue High Fibre Lactose-Free - 100%
Low Residue High Protein Gluten-Free - 100%
 Low Residue High Calorie Cholestrol-Free - 100%
Low Fat Bland Phenylalanine-Free - 100%
Low Sodium Alkaline Fat-Free - 100%

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